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On Monday the 29th of April 2011, completely out of the blue, I was diagnosed with Myeloma which is cancer of the blood plasma cells. I had always been healthy and fit, juggling multiple tasks and relishing the life of a working wife and mum. There is currently no cure for Myeloma but newer treatments can halt the cancer for longer and improve quality of life. As a mum of 41, with 2 young children and a busy job, this meant a massive change to our all our lives.

Six years on amazingly I am still alive, though the road has been very bump at times. The medical treatment I receive from the Dr Peter Johnson & Dr Desmond Maitland and  and the team at the Western General in Edinburgh & from Dr Martin Kaiser at the Royal Marsden & Prof Bal Dhillon at the Edinburgh Eye Pavillion is fantastic, quite simply they keep me alive. With the phenomenal support of Andrew Anderson and his team at Maggie's Edinburgh I continue to tackle whatever each day thows at me with my lipstick on and head held high - even though increasingly so my brain is not quite as engaged as in the past!! I am very fortunate to have a great circle of friends, particularly girlfriends and Lisa's Challenge would not be possible without their hard work and support - particularly that of the core Challenge Girls who have been with me since the start - Lisa Gunn, Julia Greig, Lynne Lineen.

Our "challenge" now is to raise funds to allow the Edinburgh building extension to commence - please, please join us on this mission. Lisa's Buy A Brick for Maggie's allows anyone to make a contribution towards the build costs - its a great way to not only make a donation but to record support/thanks to Maggie's.

The challenge

Below you can read how my "challenge" started, however when updating I wanted to shout a massive thank you as soon as possible to everyone who has helped so far. We have raised a magnificent £990,142, all of which has gone directly into the Maggie's centre at the Western General Hospital here in Edinburgh. With your help the doors stay open and the services continue to expand and this year the long awaited and anticipated extension will be complete. 

To raise awareness and funds for the terrific work Maggie's do, I set out to raise a minimum of £50 000 by October 2012. We launched the campaign with a  "Glitter and Sparkle" event  15 December 2011.  Since then numerous events and challenges have been undertaken and as atJune 2017, through the fantastic support of so many friends, family and colleagues we have raised an incredible £902,000 - all of which has gone directly to the Edinburgh Maggie's Centre and paid for more counsellors, courses, facilities and to help keep the doors open and lights on!

We launched-Lisa's Buy a Brick for Maggie's specificaly to raise funds for the much needed extension to the building  -

I would personally like to thank everyone who has donated, supported and  got on board this "bus" with me....  ! A massive thank you to Andy and the team and Maggie's for their continued support, the amazing Doctors and nurses as I progress with more treatments and my gorgeous, wonderful family and  girlfriends who keep me strong every day.

On Sunday 24th September we held an incredible event "An Audience with Roland Mouret" at the stunning Carlowrie Castle. My dear friend Sarah Murray and I have been lucky to get to know Roland through Patrick Cabasset who joined us last year at the Glitteratea. Roland captured the audience the minute he walking into the room and then enthralled everyone by recreating his legendary Galaxy Dress onstage with a mannequin and roll of calico fabric. Wow. he then joined Patrick Cabasset, who retired recently as Editor in Chief at French Fashion Magazine L'official for an truly insightful and fascinating "Q & A". Makeup artist to the stars Damian Garoozzo had also flown in from Paris to join us ahead of Paris Fashion Week to share his advice and tips on makeup and skincare. The event raised over £72000 and we can't wait to do it all again next year!!!

Another amazing Glitteratea was held on Sunday 20th November at the Sheraton Edinburgh. Huge thanks to all the models who were centre users and cancer nurses. To Sarah Murray and Jane Davidson for providing the clothes and styling the ladies, to Ian Todd for his styling and to Leanne and the team rom Cheyennes. Also a big thanks Tonya MaCari for being our wonderful MC and to Make-Up Artists to the Stars Damian Garozzo and Paris Fashion Commentator Patrick Cabasset for their wonderful insights.

Watch this space for upcoming events and news - 2017 is going to be a fabulous year with the extension starting and so we'll have lots going on!

Raised So Far:


Target: £50,000

How You Can Make a Difference

HELP US MAKE MAGGIE'S EDINBURGH BIGGER - with over 90 visitors a day the current building is bursting at the seams - the money you've helped us to raise has provided funding for more counsellors, more courses, more facilities and to also to draw up plans for the future. The Edinburgh Centre will be extending this year, we had hoped to break ground now but some changes to the plans have delayed the start but we are hoping that the work will start very soon. 

PLEASE - if you'd like to contribute take a look at Lisa's Buy a Brick for Maggies. We'd love you to get involved, sponsor, undertake your own challenge or donate through our JustGiving page.

When you are living with cancer, every day brings challenges and I am particularly mindful of those facing a cancer diagnosis, treatment or the uncertainty that living with cancer brings. Our aim is to now to fund the much needed extension and help Andy Anderson and his marvellous team reach out to those who have not experienced the terrific "lifeline" Maggie's provides and continue helping those on this tough journey. 

Please Help us to Help them to Help others....

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